Volusia County Judges

      In Volusia County, Florida, the judiciary consists of a diverse group of judges who preside over various courts within the county. These judges play a crucial role in upholding justice and ensuring the fair administration of the law. From circuit court judges to county court judges, each jurist brings a wealth of legal experience and expertise to the bench. They handle a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, family, and probate matters, among others. With their dedication to impartiality and the rule of law, the judges of Volusia County strive to uphold the rights of all individuals who come before them, fostering a judicial system grounded in integrity and accountability. If your mugshots has been listed on Daytona Mugshots, you may need to appear in front of one of these judges. Here’s a list of the current judges in Volusia County and how to contact them:

      Judge Joan Anthony
      Judicial Assistant: Earlene Malone
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6099
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Elizabeth A. Blackburn
      Judicial Assistant: Michelle Pastor
      Phone Number: (386) 239-7790
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Chief Judge Leah R. Case
      Judicial Assistant: Cathy Brick
      Phone Number: (386) 239-7792
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge James R. Clayton
      Judicial Assistant: Angela Bernal
      Phone Number: (386) 736-5948
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Dennis Craig
      Judicial Assistant: Justy Turberville
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6071
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge David A. Cromartie
      Judicial Assistant: Margaret McGowan
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6042
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Angela A. Dempsey
      Judicial Assistant: Cheryl Herald
      Phone Number: (386) 822-5008
      Location: DeLand

      Division 02- Vacant
      Judicial Assistant: Jody Anderson
      Phone Number: (386) 943-7060
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Bryan A. Feigenbaum
      Judicial Assistant: Sharon Farmer
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6074
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge David H. Foxman
      Judicial Assistant: Jennifer Derleth
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6033
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Karen A. Foxman
      Judicial Assistant: Mercede Pietzyk
      Phone Number: (386) 239-7793
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Matthew M. Foxman
      Judicial Assistant: Lisa Taylor
      Phone Number: (386) 626-6590
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Linda L. Gaustad
      Judicial Assistant: Cindy Sutton
      Phone Number: (386) 736-5945
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Wesley Heidt
      Judicial Assistant: Kenley Matejka
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6060
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Mary G. Jolley
      Judicial Assistant: Kasey McCoy
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6091
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Christopher Kelly
      Judicial Assistant: Joy Allen
      Phone Number: (386) 822-5016
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Joseph LeDonne
      Judicial Assistant: Angela Bernal
      Phone Number: (386) 736-5948
      Location: DeLand

      Judge A. Kathleen McNeilly
      Judicial Assistant: Kim Smith
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6072
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge A. Christian Miller
      Judicial Assistant: Karen Lloyd
      Phone Number: (386) 626-6592
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Katherine H. Miller
      Judicial Assistant: Megan Johnson
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6058
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Rachel D. Myers
      Judicial Assistant: Amy Archey
      Phone Number: (386) 736-5947
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Dawn D. Nichols
      Judicial Assistant: Michele Westfall
      Phone Number: (386) 822-5744
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Michael S. Orfinger
      Judicial Assistant: Michelle MacDonald
      Phone Number: (386) 822-5073
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Randell H. Rowe, III
      Judicial Assistant: Diana Winfrey
      Phone Number: (386) 736-5946
      Location: DeLand

      Judge Robert A. Sanders, Jr.
      Judicial Assistant: Carey Annunziata
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6070
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Sandra C. Upchurch
      Judicial Assistant: Cindy Manoski
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6051
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Stasia Warren
      Judicial Assistant: Leslie Pomar
      Phone Number: (386) 257-6090
      Location: Daytona Beach

      Judge Kathryn D. Weston
      Judicial Assistant: (Temporarily Assigned) Teresa Crisp-Smith
      Phone Number: (386) 239-7791
      Location: DeLand